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Some favorite herbs

Friday, March 26th, 2010

This past week has been a very busy one for our company.  We began year-round service for several new clients whose landscapes all have great potential.  We also have been planting and placing our Herb planter displays.  These displays allow you to enjoy an edible display garden all year.  Although there are a few herbs that disappear during the winter, there are many that continue to produce.  Some of our favorite year-round (most years) herbs are:

Rosemary – great for its flavor and beautiful blue/purple flowers, this herb is a favorite for small hedges and planter centerpieces.  Cuttings can be dried and used in arrangements, and prostratus varieties of rosemary make a great overhanging plant.

Thyme – this great ground cover has been a desired seasoning for poultry and soup since the beginning of thyme.  All kidding aside, this herb is a very dependable and flavorful addition to your garden.  Some varieties, such as lemon thyme with its crisp lemony taste, have a very distinct flavor of their own.

Parsley – flat leafed Italian or moss curled French, parsley has been said to be good for your heart and found its way to your plate.  Parsley is a popular garnish as well as a great addition to your salad, and is excellent on fish, in chowder, or most any Italian food.

Oregano – usually found in Italian or Greek varieties, oregano is an essential part of Italian and Greek cooking.  Some of our favorite varieties for planter displays are the yellow and green variegated types, as they add extra color as well as texture to the mix.  Whether it’s pizza, Greek pasta, or spaghetti, you’ll find oregano in the best of dishes.

Celery – the fresh or dried leaves of celery are great in clam chowder.  Dried leaves tend to give the strongest, somewhat peppery flavor and can be stored for months.

Chives – if you like onions then you like chives.  I really enjoy walking past a clump of chives in the heat of  summer and picking a few stems to chew on.  The onion-like flavor is not too strong and has a pleasant aftertaste.  Chives are great in soup, salad, atop baked potatoes, and sprinkled on chicken about to be baked.

There are several more great herbs that do great in our climate, but these basics will do any herb garden proud.

From all of us at Sure Lawn,

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