Planter Displays

Planters can be used for all types of displays, whether it is for small deck displays, small to medium-sized patio displays, or simply a single planter by your front door. In addition, it is an easy way to enhance your commercial properties as well both inside and out, by placing planters by your entrance ways, in your lobby, or even within your offices.

Planters can be used to complement your flower beds, add to the surrounding area of your trees, or tactfully placed on your lawn to both enhance it and add color to it. Feel free to contact us to help you decide on which planting system would enhance your overall lawn view.

Planting a Vegetable Display

Most people love to eat fresh vegetables. Whether steaming, dipping, baking, or frying we all have a preference for each one and sometimes prefer to avoid others. You will find a variety of vegetables that work well as a display garden, some throughout the year.

Always plant in tiers with the tallest plant in the center then planting around it or placed in the center of the back and planting forward. Your first tier is the tallest plant, your second tier should be shorter, and so on until you reach the edge of the planter and plant a hanging type over the edge. The reason for planting this way is to utilize light, airflow, and add depth to the visual encounter. Think for a moment that you plant something short in the center and something tall around the edges. First, you can't see what's in the center. Second, what's in the center is overshadowed by what's on the outside and receives little light. Third, airflow is greatly restricted and the center plant suffers fungus or disease. For all the great reasons, always plant the tallest plant in the center, besides it's prettier this way. With tiers in mind jump into vegetable land and find a beautiful vegetable display that fulfills your green diet.